FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


At what age should my child begin seeing a dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child see a pediatric dentist at age one or six months after they get their first tooth. This serves as an opportunity to meet the doctors, learn how to best care for your child's teeth, and have a thorough exam. Visiting a pediatric dentist is the best way to ensure optimal oral health for your child.

Why should my child see a pediatric dentist?

Dr. Lockhart completed a 2-year residency, after 4 years of dental school, in order to specialize in pediatric dentistry. During herĀ  training, Dr. Lockhart gained extensive knowledge of treatment of infants, children, adolescents, and special needs patients.

What should my child expect at the first visit?

During the first visit, we will focus on getting to know your child, and we will give you some oral hygiene instructions specific to the needs of your child. Our desire is to introduce your child to our dental tools and the dental environment while easing any anxiety and fears. Dr. Lockhart will examine your child's teeth for placement and general health. If necessary, we will perform a cleaning, fluoride treatment and possibly take x-rays. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

When should my child start using toothpaste with fluoride?

A smear of fluoridated tooth paste is recommended until age 2. Children ages 2-5 years old should use a pea-sized amount. Parents should continue to help their children brush their teeth until they develop adequate dexterity to clean all areas well without help. This is usually around 8 years of age.

What are sealants?

Sealants cover the pits in teeth that are hard to brush and are susceptible to decay. Sealants are a safe and simple way to help avoid cavities.

What if my child needs braces?

Dr. Lockhart are specialty trained to monitor and assist the dental growth and development of your child. As orthodontics (braces) are necessary, Dr. Lockhart will refer your child to an orthodontist for treatment.

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